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Global Payroll and HR Simplified

Experience seamless payroll and HR management designed for growing teams with our comprehensive, user-friendly platform.
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Effortlessly manage your teams across 180+ countries

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Streamlined global workforce management

Effortlessly manage international teams across 180+ countries, ensure compliance, and expand your business with our unified solution.

Simplify payroll and save costs

Automate payroll processes, integrate with popular software, and save on your tech stack with our all-in-one platform.

Enhanced employer brand and growth

Attract and retain top talent, accelerate your growth, and hire worldwide without worrying about compliance or HR admin.

Next-level payroll technology

Leverage our innovative cloud-based platform, global expertise, and customized solutions to revolutionize your payroll and HR management.

Series for all your needs


  • Simplify international compliance for payroll, taxes, benefits, and contracts
  • Overcome legal challenges in new markets and protect intellectual property
  • Minimize legal risks and ensure compliance with employment laws
  • Agile market entry without the hassle of setting up legal infrastructures


  • Capitalize on global opportunities, reduce costs, and mitigate risks
  • Cost-effective global expansion with reduced upfront and maintenance costs
  • Streamline operations in multiple global markets
  • Enter new markets quickly with our global Employer of Record services


  • Compliant workforce management and global payments
  • Streamlined global payments with an all-in-one platform
  • Fast global hiring in over 180 countries

Business Development

  • Gain a competitive edge in international markets
  • Accelerate revenue growth and diversify revenue streams
  • Rapidly enter and exit new markets for easy market testing
  • Expand globally to develop new opportunities and strengthen relationships

Industry Expansion

  • Hire top professionals globally with fast, flexible, and compliant expansion
  • Access skilled professionals worldwide and overcome talent shortages
  • Agile growth, cost reduction, and efficient market entry
  • Protect intellectual property and ensure confidentiality with solid employment contracts
  • Simplify international hiring to secure the best candidates and gain a competitive advantage

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The premier choice for global workforce management

Unrivaled global hiring capabilities

Coverage in 180+ countries, transparent pricing

Global hiring toolkit

Calculate employee costs worldwide effortlessly

Exceptional employee experience

Consistent support with dedicated teams and dashboard

The future of global HR

Seamless hiring, management with innovative tools

Effortless global payroll management

Streamlined international operations, reduced admin

Streamline payroll processes

Unify contractor payments, EOR services, payroll management

Stay compliant and reduce admin

Efficient compliance, tax, benefit management

Equity compliance support

Expert equity compliance, reporting, and global team support
Unified Platform

Your global workforce solution

Achieve payroll excellence

  • Smart compliance engine and automated data synchronization
  • Comprehensive onboarding, customer success features

Proactive support and services

  • Secure record hosting and migration, user-friendly dashboard
  • In-depth tax research, payroll API integration assistance

Fast global onboarding

  • Onboard worldwide employees and contractors in 90 seconds
  • Complete platform for EOR employees, contractors, and direct employees

Unified platform experience

  • Effortless global payments and tax-filing
  • Unified HR, payroll, and general ledger integration
  • Consolidate processes, minimize errors, and gain valuable insights

Empower your team with cloud-based solutions

  • Automated payroll, tax, benefit management
  • Consolidated invoicing, payments, and integrations
  • Flexible payment options, expert support

Simplify global team building

  • World-class technology and scalable solutions
  • Efficient one-click management and in-house visa support
  • Competitive benefits and global co-working access

Simplifying tax & compliance management

Global compliance made easy

  • Draft, send, and sign contracts in 180+ countries
  • Collect essential documents and paperwork
  • Stay informed about local law changes

Simplified tax solutions

  • Determine and manage tax obligations
  • Retain and remit taxes to authorities
  • Handle reporting requirements and IRS inquiries

Effortless US tax filing

  • Automatically generate W9s and W8s for employees
  • Submit 1099 forms to the IRS with a single click
  • Maintain organized records in one centralized location
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Streamline international payments & compliance

Expand your business with international talent while avoiding compliance issues from using multiple tools.

Compliance automation for peace of mind

Automate tax and compliance work with Series Workforce, ensuring adherence to forms, laws, and regulations.

Global compliance protection

Safeguard your business and maintain compliance worldwide.

Worldwide hiring compliance

Reduce legal and operational overhead by having correct documentation in place for international hiring.

Proactive compliance monitoring

Ensure full compliance by tracking tax law changes in supported jurisdictions worldwide.

Flexible payment solutions

Adaptable payment options

Offer modern workforce payment choices:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Check Delivery

Efficient global contractor payments

Save time and provide a seamless experience with multiple payment methods, reduced fees, and a hassle-free process.

  • Automated Invoicing: Generate digital invoices and synchronize with accounting tools
  • Single Payment for All: Pay your team in their local currency with one click
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Comprehensive payment management

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End-to-end payment flow support

Our payment specialists handle the entire payment flow, including ACH payments, check distribution, and tax obligations management.

Unrivaled payroll platform

Our proprietary payment rails and global payments network enable full control over working capital and centralized payment data.

Streamlined payment administration

Unrestricted payroll payment capabilities

  • Multiple recipient types and currency options
  • Compliant payments in 180+ countries
  • Integration with existing payroll partners or standalone
  • Single-click invoice approval and payment

In-depth financial insights

  • Simplified financial forecasting
  • Unified data source
  • Smart forecasting features
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Premier data protection

Series Workforce offers unparalleled data security and compliance solutions to protect your business and employees' sensitive data.

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Data security highlights

  • Adherence to international standards and regulations
  • Robust physical, network, and application security
  • SOC compliance and data encryption
  • Industry-leading encryption and audit control

Trusted compliance partner

  • Compliance with global privacy laws
  • Employment liability management
  • Flexible user permission management

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Visa and permit management

Do you handle work visa or permit legal processes?

Yes, our team manages all necessary documentation to obtain a work visa or permit.

Can you sponsor work visas or permits?

We can generally sponsor work visas or permits for international hires, depending on the employment country and candidate's profile and role.

Global payroll services

What is a global payroll solution?

A global payroll solution centralizes and standardizes payroll management for multinational employees on a single platform.

Why use a global payroll service?

A global payroll service saves time, reduces costs and security risks, and ensures compliance with local payroll regulations, simplifying the process of accurately and promptly paying employees worldwide.

What role does a global payroll provider play?

A global payroll provider manages payroll operations for companies with international employees, overseeing a network of trusted payroll vendors in each market to enhance visibility, efficiency, and compliance.

International PEO

Why choose International PEO?

International PEO enables companies to enter foreign markets without the challenges of creating an entity. It provides Employer of Record (EoR) services through locally compliant employment contracts, enabling quick and cost-effective global expansion.

Can an International PEO provider hire candidates?

Yes, we use locally compliant contracts to hire global team members and become their legal Employer of Record (EoR).

Who benefits from International PEO?

International PEO is valuable for organizations of various sizes and industries, especially those unsure about long-term market presence or lacking extensive resources for global expansion.

Pricing and services

What is Series Workforce's pricing structure?

Series Workforce's charges a setup fee per location, a cycle fee per employee, and a year-end fee for tax filing. Pricing may vary by country due to regional complexities.

Where is Global Payroll available?

Global Payroll is accessible in every country where we offer our EOR services.

What services do you provide?

Series Workforce offers a comprehensive payroll solution, handling government declarations, taxes, compliance, calculations, and more. Just ensure any changes, such as new hires or terminations, are updated.

Payroll features and employee accounts

What features does Series Workforce offer?

Our solution includes automated payroll, taxes and filings, time tracking, employee management, and more.

What's included in employee accounts?

Employees have lifetime access to paystubs, W-2s, hours tracking, vacation requests, direct paycheck donations to nonprofits, and personal information updates.

How do employees receive paystubs?

On payday, employees receive an email with a link to their full paystubs.

PEO services

What is a PEO?

International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) allows companies to hire employees globally without establishing a foreign legal entity. Series Workforce offers a comprehensive HR solution, including benefits plans, workers' compensation, payroll and tax support, HR guidance, and hiring assistance.

What sets Series Workforce apart?
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • Unmatched expertise from in-country teams
  • Competitive, compliant benefits packages
  • Coverage in 180+ countries
How does it work?

Series Workforce leverages global infrastructure and locally compliant contracts to handle your workforce's legal Employer of Record services.

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