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Simplified AP Automation & Global Payouts

Series Billing offers friction-free accounts payable, simplifying the payables process from receipt to settlement. For payables, the platform enables professionals to import bills any way they want. They can email, scan, and upload bills to process one or thousands of payments.
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Simplifying the payables processes

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Streamline your accounts payable

  • End-to-end automation for full visibility and control
  • Minimize manual intervention and scale transactions seamlessly
  • Eliminate data entry and simplify vendor management

One platform for global mass payouts

  • Send thousands of payouts per month with ease
  • Expand to new markets with a comprehensive payouts solution
  • Automate workflows and manage all payments in one system

All the things you need for managing billing

Link any external bank accounts (Series or external) to automate your Accounts Payable across all of your financial operations stack.

Streamline bill approvals and effortlessly sync data in real-time with your preferred accounting software and ERPs for seamless control.

Flexibly pay vendors with global card or ACH (standard or same-day) payments.

Accelerate international payments by settling accounts in vendors' local currency, ensuring transparency.

Efficient payment management

Flexible payment methods & tracking

  • Choose from card or ACH (standard or same-day) payments
  • Effortless payment tracking and vendor actions monitoring
  • Sync seamlessly with your accounting software

Boost productivity with automation

  • Reduce manual data entry and reconcile accounts faster
  • Automatically sync data between your tools and accounting system
  • Real-time, two-way data sync with popular accounting software
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Enhanced visibility & control

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Comprehensive vendor info & document storage

  • Access vendor details and bills in one location
  • 360-degree view of outgoing payments
  • Track approval and payment status for better decision-making

Custom approval rules & reduced fraud risk

  • Implement robust payment approval workflows
  • Maintain a full audit trail for every transaction
  • Implement dual-layer approvals for fraud prevention

Cost reduction & improved efficiency

Optimize AP processes

  • Lower transaction costs as you scale
  • Increase productivity without additional staff
  • Secure early payment discounts and avoid late fees

Support team growth & compliance

  • Prevent tedious tasks with automation
  • Minimize payment risk with a secure platform
  • Reduce regulatory and compliance risks
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Empower your finance & operations teams

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Streamline AP for controllers

  • Enhance your strategic role with simplified AP processes
  • Gain control over your financial operations

Boost productivity for accountants

  • Remove tedious tasks and focus on high-value activities
  • Efficiently scale with your teams' evolving needs

Optimize performance for CFOs

  • Reduce operational expenses and achieve targets
  • Empower your team for success and business growth

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is Series Billing?

An integrated accounts payable automation tool for streamlining bill entry, approval, and payment with robust financial controls.

What are the available payment methods in Series Billing?

Card or ACH (standard or same-day) payments.

Can we create recurring bills?

Easily set up and customize recurring bills for routine vendor payments.

How do I obtain vendor ACH payment information?

Automatically extract from invoices or request directly from vendors within the platform.

Do you collect and store vendor W9 tax data?

Add to vendor records or request from Series Billing and export as a CSV for 1099 processing.

What is the pricing for Series Billing Payments?

Monthly subscription fee plus per-transaction fees, varying by payment method and transaction speed.

Do vendors need a Series Billing account?

No, vendors can receive payments without an account.

Are there additional costs for faster payment processing?

Yes, we have multiple payment speeds with costs based on transaction speed.

Can we establish approval rules?

Definitely! Set up custom role-based approval rules within Series Billing.

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