The Financial Hierarchy of Needs: Transforming Enterprise Financial Services

Series revolutionizes enterprise financial services with integrated solutions, real-time data, and automation for seamless collaboration and efficiency. Our customer-centric approach simplifies enterprise finance and maximizes convenience and success. Series introduces the Enterprise Operating System (EOS) that streamlines services and creates an open ecosystem, empowering teams globally to excel.

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Sep 26
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The Financial Hierarchy of Needs: Transforming Enterprise Financial Services

The Challenge with Traditional Enterprise Financial Services

Enterprise financial teams have long struggled with antiquated systems and multiple service providers for essential functions like banking, payments, accounting, and legal support. These teams face unique challenges, including managing multiple legal entities in different jurisdictions, each with varying compliance and KYC/KYB requirements. Traditional financial products and services are often siloed and designed around accounting, making cross-functional collaboration and real-time data access difficult.

Our Solution: Seamless, Collaborative, and Real-Time Financial Services

At Series, we aim to revolutionize enterprise financial services by addressing the pain points experienced by large organizations. Our solutions focus on the following key areas:

Integrated Financial Services

We understand that financial products and services must be interconnected to deliver a seamless experience. Our platform is designed to promote cross-functional collaboration and share data across all aspects of your organization's financial needs.

Accessible, Real-Time Data

Traditional financial services often provide limited and outdated data, making forecasting and budgeting a challenge. We prioritize real-time data access, enabling your organization to make informed decisions and improve financial management.

Automating Manual Tasks

Manual data entry and reconciliation can be time-consuming and error-prone. Our platform automates these processes to maintain up-to-date ledgers, streamline reporting, and simplify end-of-quarter book closures.

A Convenient, Customer-Focused Approach

We believe that enterprise financial services should be customer-centric, convenient, and efficient. Our goal is to create a mental framework that best serves our customers, helping them navigate the complexities of enterprise finance with ease. By transforming the way financial services are delivered, we aim to make your organization's financial operations more efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

Introducing The Financial Hierarchy Of Needs

In building a financial and operational stack, our customers follow a clear order of operations. At Series, we’re introducing something we call the Financial Hierarchy of Needs :

Level 1: Identity & Compliance

  • Entity Formation with multiple entity support
  • Robust KYC/KYB, PII storage, and data portability

Level 2: Secure Storage

  • Receiving payments and funds through banking and brokerage accounts

Level 3: Asset Movement

  • Transacting, short-term credit, payroll, benefits, and B2B payments
  • Remittances and FX/cross-border payments

Level 4: Accurate Record-Keeping & Reporting

  • Dedicated accounting, bookkeeping, and reconciliation
  • Compliance, audits, tax compliance, and corporate governance

Level 5: Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Measurement, management, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Advanced financial information and analysis
  • End-to-end finance, accounting, and tax services (CFO, AP/AR)

Level 6: Intelligent Automation

  • Cloud-based tech stack and document storage
  • Data ingestion, querying, visualization, and automated workflows

Level 7: Financial Optimization

  • Loss minimization through risk management, long-term savings, and credit
  • Profit maximization with income generation, treasury management, and lending

Level 8: Asset Growth & Distribution

  • Wealth management, estate and trust formation

Level 9: Strategic Partnerships

  • Asset management, resource allocation, capital structure optimization
  • Fundraising and mergers & acquisitions

Note: this is definitely an ever-evolving hierarchy and a work in progress, as businesses constantly change how they manage their finance and operations! The complexity of enterprise financial services are interconnected and build upon one another in a Financial Hierarchy of Needs, with prerequisite operational needs satisfied before progressing (similar to Maslow’s).

For a given identity, you need a way to store all of your different types of assets. Then you need different ways to move all of the different types of assets you’ve stored. Then you need different ways to count all of the assets that you’ve stored and moved. You then need different ways to tell various stakeholders what you’ve counted and why and so on and so on. You get it.

At Series, we’re committed to fulfilling our customers' hierarchy of needs.

Introducing: Identity-Centric Financial Solutions

Identity: The Cornerstone of Financial Foundations

Many individuals often assume that banking (Level 2 or the Secure Storage layer) is the basis of every financial stack. However, the true foundation lies in the formation and identity of legal and business entities.

Our customers' financial journey begins with the establishment of their entities. The nature of the entity, its purpose, jurisdiction, compliance requirements, and KYC/KYB components are essential factors in building a strong financial infrastructure. All financial services revolve around a particular identity or vehicle.

The Primary Unit: Identity

By focusing on Identity as the primary unit, we unveil its crucial role in determining the array of services within the financial and operational stack. This identity-centric approach informs how an enterprise team selects its service providers and tools.

Each user and business requires access to a robust suite of financial and operational services repeatedly, which is why our customers face complexities in their financial operations. Emphasizing the importance of Identity as the cornerstone of financial services, we aim to simplify and streamline these processes for our clients.

Introducing the Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

Prioritizing Customer Needs

We focus on understanding our customer’s hierarchy of needs, enabling us to develop targeted solutions in the right sequence. Our aim is to simplify customers' lives, save them time and money, and increase their leverage.

Streamlined Financial Services

EOS empowers finance teams to securely manage identity and compliance data for their entities, automating data sharing with trusted providers and streamlining workflows. This customer-centric approach results in a more efficient suite of financial and operational services.

A Holistic Platform

Our commitment to centralizing and automating essential functions and services led us to create the EOS. Amidst a landscape of fragmented solutions and flawed business models, we seize the opportunity to build a unified platform for our customers, comprising a suite of interdependent software products that cater to their needs end-to-end.

Winning with Convenience

EOS offers unparalleled convenience by simplifying customers' lives and replacing multiple service providers with one comprehensive system. We strive to enhance efficiency, save money, and drive profitability for our customers.

Creating an Open Ecosystem: Building Resilience, Redundancy, and Optionality

In the traditionally siloed financial services industry, customers demand more options and seamless integration. In other words, our customers’ services should be able to talk to each other and moving forward our customers need an open ecosystem in a post-trust financial world.

With Series, customers can:

  1. Leverage Series' unique products and create new instances of the services they care about (payroll, banking, etc.).
  2. Easily connect and manage pre-existing trusted services from any external providers (financial institutions, payments and tax providers, etc) all in one place.
  3. Receive support at any stage of their business lifecycle and with any technology and services stack.

We aim to provide our customers with a resilient, redundant, and flexible system that allows them to operate wherever they are in their operational life cycle. This approach offers both functionality and choice, allowing our customers a central location to 1) create new tools & links existing ones, 2) access a centralized ledger of data, and 3) automate every relevant task that their financial and operations teams care about.

Enterprise-Ready from Day One

Being enterprise-ready means being audit and compliance-ready, having a global outlook, and offering a robust system capable of handling complex team structures. We strive to ensure that our customers can rely on our product to meet their expectations without any additional worries.

The True Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

By offering a centralized ledger for financial and operational teams to manage all of their services in one place, we can build a genuine Enterprise Operating System (EOS) that caters to our customers' needs. Convenience is paramount, and we aim to satisfy as many of their requirements as possible while providing a comprehensive, full-stack solution.

Enter: Series

Series streamlines financial and operational services for institutions and enterprises, enhancing efficiency and allowing them to excel.

Our customers seek to:

  1. Consolidate tools and providers while reducing costs.
  2. Increase tool and infrastructure redundancy in a trustless environment.

We find that there is an amazing opportunity here to create:

  • Customizable smart software.
  • Unified product integration.
  • Real-time data, analytics, and benchmarking.
  • Intelligent operations and reporting.
  • Collaborative workspaces.
  • Fully automated financial services.

Series aims to provide error-free, efficient, and trustworthy solutions, saving time and money. Our interconnected products cater to customers' Financial Hierarchy of Needs for smarter, more efficient operations. Our goal at Series is to maximize our customers' convenience, efficiency, and financial success.

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