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Your Trusted Identity Solution

Series Vault is a secure vault solution for storage of PII, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) & Know-Your-Business (KYB) data and documents that enables permission sharing with any third-party vendor or service providers. Securely host and share your legal / entity / financial data and documents in one place.
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Redefining identity sharing

Series Vault revolutionizes the way people share identity information with financial service providers. Series Vault provides a secure and siloed vault so users can collect their data and documents and share it to third-party providers from one place rather than having to repeatedly search for valuable information just to have access to services and vendors.

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A transparent identity wallet

Experience hassle-free onboarding and secure storage of your personal information with Series Vault, designed to eliminate concerns about data handling.

End-to-end encryption

Your data is encrypted, processed, and read only within our secure environment, ensuring accurate, portable, and secure user verification.

The ultimate KYC/KYB vault solution

Series Vault offers a seamless, security-first approach to KYC/KYB processes with frictionless identity verification and PII vaulting.

Secure & portable identity

Many financial KYC/KYB processes are delayed due to repeated efforts to corral materials and data, which is not only painful and time-consuming but may also lead to inaccurate user inputs. Eliminate the need to gather documents repeatedly for different services or financial providers, and enjoy a consistent KYC/KYB process.

Easy collaboration and secure sharing

Safely store sensitive documents, PII data, and collaborate securely with family, friends, or your global workforce. Your PII/KYB/KYB data and documents are more portable to securely share and permission out to 3rd parties and service providers.

Streamlined onboarding process

Say goodbye to scattered filing systems; store all identity data and documents securely in Series Vault and meet KYC/KYB compliance requirements effortlessly.

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Why choose Series Vault?

Upload and store all sensitive documents

Upload your comprehensive KYC/KYB data and documents to a your own vault, siloed by user and legal entity for maximume security.

Share your financial identity securely

Grant permission to share onboarding data directly from Series Vault with subsequent providers.

Uncompromised security and privacy

With Series Vault, your data remains private and secure, and we don't use, share, or sell your information. Series Vault is an enterprise-grade vault meeting SOC 2 compliance standards.

Fraud and risk management

Prove your identity in a second, while enjoying top-notch security, fraud prevention, and KYC & KYB integration.

Effortless permission and controls

Experience granular data access and maintain control over how your data is shared and used.

Secure sharing with confidence

Keep your team in sync by giving them access to data, documents, and more for secure sharing.

Real-time information updates

Maintain accurate records by updating your information in Series Vault, preventing false negative KYC/KYB failures.

Build your reputation with Series Vault

Protect, manage, and enhance your trusted connections across your financial and operational life with Series Vault. Get started in just a few minutes and experience the future of identity management.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is Series Vault secure?

Definitely. Our advanced dual-layer encryption and added security measures ensure your data is protected end-to-end, even in case of a breach. Read more about Security at Series here.

How does Series Vault relate to onboarding for a Series product?

Series Vault is a vault solution for storage and secure sharing of compliance data. Most financial services require clients to share this data with a service provider, and Series Vault makes this process easy - including when the product and service provider is Series!

Can we use Vault for non-Series products?

You can use Vault to store PII/KYC/KYB data and documents required for any Series product, or any external services provider or non-Series product. You can permission this data securely to anyone you want with granular controls.

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