Series Enterprise Operating System (EOS) Unifies Your Finance & Operations

Innovative teams worldwide choose Series to streamline their finance and operations management. Effortlessly manage payments, global payroll & HR, treasury management, and more— all within a single, unified platform.
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Series DNA is your universal login to your new Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

Unify and manage all of your finance and operations with Series DNA, your key to Series's EOS of independent but seamlessly interconnected products that empower you to centralize and automate your entire finance and operations stack.

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Unified Cloud Software: The Enterprise Operating System

Embrace the Series ecosystem with professional services, infrastructure, support, and security tailored to meet the needs of the most complex enterprises and institutions.
Enhance efficiency with our cloud-based EOS that breaks down departmental silos and consolidates back-office operations.
Streamline processes and consolidate your spend.
Upgrade to Series' EOS and manage bank operations, treasury, accounting, payroll, benefits, and more without replacing existing systems.

Enterprise-grade from day 1

Engineered for security, compliance, auditability, and scalability to meet the demands of even the largest finance teams.

Enhanced Security

Maintain the highest data protection standards with customizable permissions and approval settings. Learn more about Security at Series.

Effortless Integrations

Connect Series to your ERP or accounting software, automating reconciliation and keeping tools synchronized.

Centralized Control

Streamline permissions and accelerate approvals across all systems from one location. Learn more about Permissions at Series.
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