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AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management

Series Contracts is an intelligent source of truth for a business’s contracts and important legal documents.

Our AI automatically extracts important information from contracts such as expiration date and counter-parties so you can stay on top of all your liabilities, setup reminders for upcoming renewals, and negotiate non-standard terms.
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Experience Contract Intelligence at scale

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Minimize costs and maximize efficiency

Let AI simplify and automate contract processes across your organization, reducing the need for additional operational and legal headcount.

Centralized, searchable repository for efficient revenue recognition

Reduce manual work and streamline SOC compliance reporting across revenue, accounting, and legal teams with a single source of truth for all contracts.

Simplify with AI-Enabled tooling

Import legacy contracts and third-party paper quickly while utilizing captured data for alerts, automations, and integrations.

Extract actionable insights from your contracts

Effortless reporting on key terms and obligations

Instantly search and report on compliance, data breach terms, and more with our world-class AI, making sharing information with other teams or partners easy.

AI-powered repository: Organize and gain insight

Centralize contracts, use OCR and AI for data extraction, and search for specific clauses with ease.

Future-proof contract management

Access AI for industry-specific terms and clauses, ensuring procurement teams stay protected.

Connected contract data for informed decision-making

Analyze contract data with intuitive search and visualization tools, empowering your organization with actionable insights.

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Why Series Contracts

Sales: Boost Your sales cycle

Streamline sales contracts, integrate with CRMs, and leverage contract data for better insights.

Procurement: Optimize supplier visibility

Manage supplier risks, strengthen negotiations, and elevate procurement's impact with data-driven reporting.

Finance: Manage risks with Contract Intelligence

Identify risks, protect profits, and speed up audits with our contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution.

Legal: Enhance operations with scalable CLM

Empower legal teams with efficient AI-driven contract data search and automation.

Operations: Scale with AI efficiency

Streamline contract management, ensure security, and leverage connected data for increased accountability and a competitive edge.

Explore full possibilities of Series.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is AI-driven contract management?

AI-driven contract management uses machine learning to streamline contract examination, organization, and analysis, saving time for more strategic tasks.

What is AI-enhanced Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

AI-enhanced CLM solutions improve efficiency in managing contracts.

How does AI improve contract review processes?

AI-powered contract review software reduces review time, allowing teams to focus on crucial provisions instead of reading entire documents.

Will AI replace team members?

AI-based CLM enhances team efficiency rather than replacing them, enabling teams of all sorts (operations, procurement, sales, finance, and legal) to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Is Series Contracts a worthwhile investment?

Yes, it streamlines contract management with an intuitive interface, customizable implementations, and a dedicated customer success team for maximum value.

Do I need to pay extra for security?

No, Series prioritizes security with encryption and cloud-based deployment. Read more about Security at Series here.

Is Series Contracts exclusively beneficial for legal teams?

No, the user-friendly platform caters to various departments, allowing for easy creation, review, collaboration, and storage of contracts across teams of all sorts including operations, procurement, sales, and finance teams.

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