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Revolutionize Finance and Operations

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The Power of EOS

Experience seamless management of your finance and operations with our all-in-one Enterprise Operating System (EOS). Eliminate duplicate work with the first all-in-one platform combining banking, B2B payments, contract management, global workforce management, and much more. Our deeply intertwined suite of products enables you to automate busy work and keep your finance and operations teams lean as you grow.

Choosing Series means embracing a comprehensive solution, designed through years of dedicated engineering and innovation. Our robust suite of deeply integrated products caters to a wide range of financial and operational needs. Trust that if we haven't built it yet, it's likely on the horizon.
our mission

Simplify customers' lives, save them time and money, and increase their leverage

We aim to eradicate administrative burdens and automate the world’s most complex finance and operational processes. By addressing our customers' Hierarchy of Needs↗ and introducing the world's first Enterprise Operating System (EOS)↗, we enable them to focus on human-centric tasks while our software manages the rest.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our commitment: exceptional service, people-first approach, and helping you achieve success.
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Pursuit of Excellence

We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, involving all teams from engineering to customer support in delivering excellence.
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our values

Everything for our customers

Since 2021, we’ve been building the Series Enterprise Operating System (EOS) from the ground up. Our team has spent years dedicated to understanding our customers, delivering exceptional, customer-centric products. We see serving our customers not just as a job, but as our purpose.

We believe that software exists only to scale pre-existing behaviors. We are our own first customer for everything we build. With pride, we design products that address business challenges, foresee needs, and uncover opportunities. Ultimately, we exist to bring convenience and serve our customers.

1. Championship Team 🏆

We have high expectations, work hard to earn each other's time, and appreciate the great responsibility entrusted to us.

2. Ambition 🚀

We dream big, innovate systematically, and run hard.

3. Outcome focused 🚢

We measure everything, fail loud & proud, and iterate relentlessly.

4. 6 Star Experience ⭐️

We put the customer above all, treat everyone with a 6 star experience, and exude energy.

5. Act like an Owner 💪

We go out of our way to make life better for everyone around us, we have a bias towards action, and take responsibility in every outcome, even when it's inconvenient.

6. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 👥

We believe that diverse teams win and actively seek out all voices.

7. Transparency & Communication 🗣️

We think ahead, but also make every second matter. We believe that feedback is a gift.

8. Enjoy the Ride 🎢

We create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people, invest in relationships, and promote positive attitudes.

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Series is based in the US. with offices in NYC and San Francisco. Many of our teammates call these cities home while others are part of our distributed team.

New York

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San Francisco

The golden gate bridge in san francisco, california.
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