Introducing the Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

Experience seamless business management with our all-in-one, cloud-based EOS designed to streamline your finance and operational processes, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity.
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One platform for finance and operations

Say goodbye to endless point solutions and service providers — gain control in a single system of record. The Series EOS simplifies every aspect of managing your finance and operations, from banking to contract management and everything in between.
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the platform

Series DNA: Your key to your Enterprise Operating System

Series DNA is your universal login to all Series products. Treat it as your key to Series EOS, unlocking the benefits of a truly centralized finance and operations system across all Series products — from banking to global workforce management.
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Explore the power of an Enterprise Operating System

Discover the benefits of an integrated system that handles everything from financial services to global workforce management, empowering your organization to run smoothly and efficiently.
Switch between apps without losing context
Enjoy high-level privacy and security
Experience deeper synergies across your finance and operations teams
Ensure a uniform experience for your team across essential services
Automate processes across your entire back office

back office operations

Simplify shared tasks (e.g., global payroll and accounting) with our comprehensive toolkit.

Informed business decisions

Leverage real-time data and analytics to make smarter choices and drive growth.


Seamlessly manage users and departments with our centralized administrative console.

Enterprise-grade from day 1

Engineered for security, compliance, auditability, and scalability to meet the demands of even the largest finance teams.

Enhanced Security

Maintain the highest data protection standards with customizable permissions and approval settings. Learn more about Security at Series.

Effortless Integrations

Connect Series to your ERP or accounting software, automating reconciliation and keeping tools synchronized.

Centralized Control

Streamline permissions and accelerate approvals across all systems from one location. Learn more about Permissions at Series.

Why Series

Our Enterprise Operating System (EOS) combines essential modules for running your business, eliminating silos and providing a smooth transition between processes and contexts.

A System of Record for finance and operations

Series connects all systems to one record for financial and operational data, streamlining updates, management, and reporting in a single platform. Experience seamless integration from global workforce management to accounts payable without manual updates or coordination.

We manage the complexity in a single engine, generating standardized data that effortlessly integrates with your current ERP and various financial institutions.
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Automate everything

Financial services reinvented

Our EOS provides an end-to-end technology platform for banking, payments, workforce management, and more, connecting operations and finance teams, and offering actionable insights.

Embrace the future of finance and operations management with our all-in-one solution that unifies data, connects systems, and automates processes to help your business thrive.
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