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Transforming Financial Analysis

Series Intel allows teams to ask questions across their financial data, documentation, and data stores.
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Unlock your financial insights with Series Intel

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Efficient, real-Time financial analysis

Dive deep into your company's financials with Series Intel, a powerful tool providing an open window into your financial operations in real-time.

All-in-one financial storytelling

Replace traditional variance analyses with Series Intel, automatically highlighting the most significant business changes for you.

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AI-Powered accounting tools

Instant, comprehensive analytics

Tailor your policy for cash flow and security needs.

Effortless data interaction

Discover answers to business questions instantly with our Google-like search interface.

Automated business monitoring

Stay informed about important KPIs and act on changes as they happen.

Seamless cloud data connection

Connect directly to your cloud data for insights from day one.

Connect, discover, and act on your financial data

Intuitive data access

Ask any question and get instant answers without touching raw data, backed by a complete suite of tools and integrations.

Unified knowledge platform

Experience your team's collective knowledge in one place, with a familiar consumer-grade search experience for on-demand insights. Series Intel will have access to all of your Series Products, data from any external financial institutions you connect, any documents you upload, and any of your cloud data stores.

AI-driven personalized insights

Leverage AI to automatically uncover personalized insights, delivered to you in seconds.

Accurate, natural language search

Explore complex schemas using intelligent query generation with accurate results. Ask questions in plain natural language.

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Seamless cloud data integration and security

Effortless data querying

Get up and running in minutes for live-querying and global access.

Rapid cloud platform connection

Easily connect to leading cloud data platforms with just a few clicks.

Secure data governance

Ensure data security and trust with industry-leading cloud security and governance controls right out of the box.

How it works

Series Intel simplifies financial data management for finance teams by aggregating all data in one place and offering an AI-powered interface for easy querying in plain English.

1. Effortlessly upload and analyze Series or external financial data, documents, and cloud storage.

Aggregate data from diverse sources, including invoices, liabilities, and Stripe transactions, enabling AI-driven automation for most tasks.

3. Auto-answer questions, conduct FP&A, and more.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is Series Intel?

Series Intel combines AI-powered analytics with natural language and generative AI for enhanced search-driven analytics. Users can ask questions in natural language to search analytics catalogs, receive AI-generated answers, and more across their financial data, documents, and cloud data stores.

What is financial analytics?

Financial analytics involves examining financial data using analytics to evaluate a business's financial health and optimize performance. Data is collected, centralized in a cloud data platform, and analyzed to identify trends, insights, and actionable steps.

Why is financial analytics vital?

Financial analytics is crucial for cost control, efficiency, and revenue growth. It impacts a wide range of business functions, informing decisions on marketing campaigns, product development, and more. Proper data management and self-service analytics enable better decision-making, risk management, and future planning.

What features are common in financial analytics software?

Popular features include budgeting, forecasting, real-time reporting, customer segmentation, profitability analysis, risk management, pricing optimization, and enterprise-grade data governance. Search ease, interactivity, and AI integration are also highly valued.

What advantages does Series Intel offer for financial analytics?

Series Intel delivers faster decision-making, time-saving analysis, easy visualization creation, improved collaboration, and AI-powered insights. Running directly in a cloud data platform, Series Intel ensures up-to-date data and drives data-based actions across your organization.

How do I start using Series Intel?

Contact us and we'll set you up with Series, transforming your work experience.

Can Series Intel access my company's data?

If self-hosted, Series Intel doesn't grant the Series team access to your data. If hosted in Series Intel's managed cloud environment, strict policies and rules safeguard your data from unauthorized access.

How can I trust Series Intel's accuracy?

Series Intel's search technology, combined with GPT, ensures trusted insights. Users can ask deeper questions, drill down, and provide feedback to maintain human-centered interactions and accurate answers. Series Intel also transparently provides the reference queries used so you can always double-check yourself.

Will Series Intel reveal private company information to everyone?

No, Series Intel enforces strict permissions, only displaying information accessible in the source application. Permission changes are immediately reflected in Series Intel's results.

What certifications guarantee Series Intel’s security?

Series holds the SOC 2 Certification, ensuring top-notch security for our customers' sensitive information. Data is encrypted in-transit and at rest. Non-PII and non-sensitive data are stored by Microsoft & Open AI to improve the model. Learn more about Series' security.

Can Series Intel manage my data schema?

Series Intel leverages in-house search technology and GPT to make natural language search work on business data. It generates accurate SQL statements for ad-hoc questions on complex relational schemas, delivering tailored insights.

What sets Series' search functionality apart?

Series Intel’s search capabilities go beyond transaction data searches, delving into the entirety of your financial data and documents. Series Intel also takes context, language, behavior, and relationships into account to deliver highly relevant results. Series Intel not only links to all other Series Products that you are using, but can also link to external financial institutions that you link as well as any of your cloud data warehouses.

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