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Running your business is hard. Here at Series we're dedicated to building the modern finance and operations stack that grows with you, no matter where you are in your organization's journey.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Series?

Series is an EOS that provides an end-to-end technology platform for banking, payments, workforce management, and more, connecting operations and finance teams, and offering actionable insights.

What is an Enterprise Operating System (EOS)?

Series offers an integrated suite of applications to manage, connect, and automate processes across your organization. Our Enterprise Operating System (EOS) combines essential modules for running your business, eliminating silos and providing a smooth transition between processes and contexts.

What is Series DNA?

Series DNA is your universal login to all Series products. Treat it as your key to the entire ecosystem within the Series EOS. This allows you to leverage the true benefits of using a unified operating system since every product and service is already leveraging the data from ones you’re already using — from banking to global workforce management.

Do you use Series products to run your own business?

Definitely! We extensively use each product internally before public release. Most of our business operations rely on Series products.

Are roadmaps shared with customers?

Typically, we do not disclose our product roadmaps. If you need a specific feature, kindly submit a request to our support team. We might already be working on it.

Can I request a new product if it's not available in your suite?

Certainly! Share your requirements at, although we cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be pursued.

How many new products will be added to Series annually?

It's difficult to provide an exact number. However, feel free to submit your requests at!

Are all Series products updated simultaneously?

No, each product follows its own update schedule to facilitate faster updates. We ensure that existing functions and integrations remain unharmed during updates.

How can I purchase Series products?

You can buy individual products, bundles, or the all-in-one suite. With a Series DNA account, you get a single account, one support contact, and access to most of our products. Choose between a la carte or bundles to purchase apps separately or in related packages.

Can I upgrade to the entire Series suite if I'm already using some products?

Certainly! Contact for assistance with upgrading to the complete Series suite.

What are your future plans for Series products?

We aim to offer a comprehensive suite that fulfills every business requirement. We plan to expand the Series suite with more products to support business growth.

Are your product offerings both broad and deep in functionality?

Absolutely. Our product teams operate independently, aiming to excel in their respective categories. While some products may be more mature than others, Series does not offer lightweight services.

Do you provide implementation services?

Yes, please reach out to our team at

Can Series assist with data migration from other systems?

Yes, we or one of our partners can help you transition to Series.

Is manual integration required for each application?

Many products are already integrated, with more to come. However, some integrations may need to be enabled manually, and a few might not yet be integrated. Share your priorities with us at

Can I use third-party apps with Series?

Definitely! We understand that our suite may not cover every business process or that alternative products might better suit your needs. We will continue developing integrations with third-party apps for your convenience.

What is security like at Series?

Series maintains the highest data protection standards with customizable permissions and approval settings. Learn more about Security at Series.

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