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Total Treasury Management

Access treasury management services for US treasury bills, money market funds, corporate bonds, and more with Series Invest.
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Unleash your team's potential

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Enterprise grade investment solutions

Generate more than 5% Series Invest. Safeguard your excess cash by investing in investment-grade and government securities, customizing your investment policy to your team’s needs.

Treasury solutions at your fingertips

Easily manage corporate funds without changing banks, and view all positions in a single dashboard.

Secure your cash position

Invest in lower-risk mutual funds.

Automate your operations

Set auto-transfer rules to maintain sufficient funds.

our solution

Simple treasury management in three steps


Select your investment policy

Tailor your policy for cash flow and security needs.


Connect your bank account

Automatically transfer money to maintain cash on hand.


We'll do the rest

Continuously optimize your portfolio for safety, liquidity, and yield.


  • Rewarding: Maximize yield on reserve capital.
  • Productive: Reduce cash drag on your funds.
  • Transparent: Monitor your portfolio with a dedicated dashboard.
  • Safe & Secure: Invest in creditworthy assets with industry-leading custodians.
Series treasury benefits

Investment options

  • Treasury Bills: Secure, short-term investments backed by the U.S. government.
  • Money Market Funds: Preserve liquidity while earning interest.
  • FDIC Insured Sweeps: Greater protection with daily interest income.
  • Mutual funds: Professionally managed investment vehicles pooling funds to purchase diversified assets like stocks and bonds.
  • Roth IRAs: Tax-advantaged retirement accounts with post-tax contributions, offering tax-free withdrawals during retirement.
  • Equities: Shares representing partial ownership in companies in the broader U.S. public markets, offering potential capital gains and dividends.
  • Taxable Brokerage Accounts: Investment accounts subject to capital gains tax on profits and used to trade various securities.
  • Traditional IRAs: Tax-deferred retirement accounts with pre-tax contributions, allowing tax-deductible contributions and taxable withdrawals during retirement.

Use cases

  • High-Yielding Cash Accounts: Enhance banking with automatic sweeps into money market funds.
  • Corporate Treasury Management: Optimize capital with personalized treasury ladders.
  • Emergency Savings: Build a financial safety net with competitive interest rates.
  • Custom Indexing w/t ESG filtering: Create a personalized investment strategy focusing on environmental, social, and governance criteria for a socially responsible portfolio.
  • Goal-Based Savings: Achieve short and long-term objectives.
  • Tax Loss Harvesting: Offset capital gains by selling underperforming assets to minimize overall tax liability.
  • Super FDIC Insurance: Spread deposits across multiple banks to increase FDIC insurance coverage beyond the standard limit.
  • Programmatic ACATs: Automate the process for transferring assets between brokerage accounts while maintaining the investments' cost basis and holdings.
Multi account - powerful banking at your finger tips

Seamless financial management

Focus on your business while we handle your investments, with assets custodial.

Advanced security & permissions

Designate admins, bookkeepers, and viewers, and configure security policies and spend controls for top-notch security.

Fully enable for entire teams.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Who can utilize Series Invest?

Series Treasury is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

How soon can I access withdrawn funds?

Withdrawals from Series Treasury accounts typically take 2-5 business days.

What fees are involved?

There are no opening, minimum balance, or transaction fees. A small percentage of your monthly balance is charged based on total deposits.

What security measures exist?

Brokerage services provided by partners that are safeguarded by SIPC, offering up to $500K coverage in case of the brokerage firm's insolvency.

Is my account registered under my name?

Yes, accounts are registered through brokerage partner, ensuring security and accessibility.

Why choose Series Invest?

Thorugh brokerage partners, we guarantee asset protection by holding securities and cash separately from broker's own assets.

What if Series stops operating?

Your investments remain secure and accessible with brokerage partner.

What do I need to open an account?

Company formation documents, tax information, and an authorized signatory's government ID are required. US and non-US companies are supported.

Does Series Invest manage my funds directly?

No, a FINRA-regulated broker-dealer custodian, handles your funds.

Are U.S. Treasuries registered in my name?

Yes, securities are registered in your name with a separate brokerage account.

How do I verify my account?

Monthly statements and trade confirmations are provided through a phone verification(available upon request).

Is there a maximum deposit?

No limit; yield remains consistent regardless of deposit size.

What is the account opening time?

10-minute signup, 2 business days for approval.

Bank account vs. brokerage account?

Bank accounts hold cash and offer check-writing and debit card access, typically with FDIC insurance. Brokerage accounts hold securities and cash, may provide similar features, and usually have SIPC protection.

Why is Series Invest important now?

Rising inflation and interest rates make treasury bills and money market funds attractive. Series Treasury simplifies access and optimizes working capital.

How do finance or treasury teams typically handle cash?

Smaller teams often use basic money-market savings accounts or managed treasury accounts with high minimums due to a lack of dedicated treasury departments. Larger finance teams have dedicated treasury departments for this purpose.

What current solutions exist?

Large companies form treasury departments, while smaller teams use bank-provided solutions like money-market savings accounts or managed treasury accounts.

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