Simpler Global Equity

Comprehensive Employee Equity

Powerful global employee equity program management & administration at your fingertips.
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Offer equity to international talent with ease

  • Attract and retain top talent with global equity awards and stock options
  • Partner with premier legal advisory firms for compliant, regionally customized plans
  • Ensure worldwide compliance and flexibility with various award types
  • Access competitive pricing and prompt, professional assistance
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Simplify global equity management

  • Grant global equity with a local touch, including country-specific guidance
  • Receive expert advice on optimal equity types: NSOs, RSUs, SARs, and Phantom Stocks
  • Effortless equity for global teams with comprehensive legal and tax support

Comprehensive global equity expertise

  • Coverage in over 180 countries to address legal and tax concerns
  • Manage payroll, report taxable events, and ensure compliance with local regulations
  • Streamline equity management for your global EOR employees
Comprehensive global payroll system