Simpler Global Payroll

Effortless Employee Payments & Contractor Management

Automate your payroll processing for employees and contractors anywhere with Series Workforce.
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Streamlined payroll and invoicing

  • Run payroll for your entire workforce in minutes, both employees and contractors
  • Automate contractor invoicing and sync with accounting tools

One-click bulk payments & tax management

  • Pay everyone in local currencies with a single click
  • Comprehensive tax, fee, and expense management

Global contractor management & compliance

  • Compliant international contractor hiring and payments
  • Stress-free payments in 90+ currencies
  • Automated invoicing, tax filing, and compliance

Robust U.S. domestic payroll 🇺🇸

  • Effortlessly run accurate payroll with our up-to-date engine covering 11,000+ tax jurisdictions and 25,000 yearly tax updates, including tax calculations, time tracking, and direct deposit management
  • Streamline end-of-year W2 & 1099 form management for employees and contractors
  • Enjoy 100% compliance with our automated tax and compliance services
  1. We handle all form filing and payroll withholdings at local, state, and federal levels
  2. Precise gross-to-net calculations for even the most complex scenarios
  • Experience seamless payment processing with accurate and timely tax and payment management
  1. Efficient ACH payment initiation and management, including same-day and next-day options
  2. Tax obligation disbursements to federal, state, and local agencies on your behalf
  3. Payment Treasury and Tax Treasury management for employers

Unified payroll Platform

  • One platform for Contractor Payments, EoR services, and Payroll Management
  • Seamless international payroll in 90+ local currencies
  • Effortless payroll with your entities or ours

Extensive global Coverage

  • 180+ countries, managing payroll, EoR, and contractors
  • Automated payroll tax filing for compliance

Simplified team payments & multi-country payroll

  • Quick, easy team payments and support for businesses of all sizes
  • Streamlined multi-country payroll with one partner in 180+ countries